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If you would like to buy a home, but can’t qualify for a conventional mortgage, you’ve come to the right place.

Our homes are a terrific alternative for people who would like to buy a home now, but may need some time to build their credit, or raise a down payment.

MCG Lighthouse specializes in homes that you can buy on a Lease Option, Rent to Own, or even Owner Financing.


So what’s the process for buying a rent-to-own home?

Our process is simple and we use 2 documents: a standard Rental Agreement, and an Option Agreement. The rental agreement outlines the terms of rental including monthly payment and length. The option agreement gives you the right to purchase the home within a certain period of time, at a certain price.

While a typical bank requires 10-20% down payment, buying a home through MCG Lighthouse only requires a 3-5% option fee for the right to purchase the property. The great part is that all of money gets applied to the purchase price when you buy. In addition, some sellers may give monthly rent credits, or offer a matching program. You live in the home while building equity, and have time to fix credit issues!

Most people think they can’t own their own home. Maybe you can relate to the following situations:

• You want to “Try out” a neighborhood
• Need to move fast, without waiting for a bank
• You are Self Employed
• Bad or no credit
• Recent Bankruptcy or Foreclosure

Whatever your situation is, we can help.

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